At SquaredFinancial, protecting our Client’s Funds is one of our highest priorities

At SquaredFinancial, protecting our Client’s Funds is one of our highest priorities

As an authorised and regulated trading partner, your funds are secure and safe when deposited with us.

Excess of Loss Policy

Should anything happen to SquaredFinancial, which causes the company to close or become insolvent, clients are covered by our Lloyd’s of London insurance policy, which provides:

  • Repayment of all client funds (Ultimate Net Loss – Subject to terms and conditions)
  • A maximum pay-out of US$1,000,000 per client

Who is Covered?

All SquaredFinancial’s clients whose funds are held in segregated accounts.

Segregated Funds

Funds which are transferred to SquaredFinancial are kept in segregated accounts which are held in trust with the client being the main beneficiary. These accounts are separate from any SquaredFinancial corporate accounts.

How does it work?

How does it work?

In the very unlikely event that SquaredFinancial is declared insolvent, clients who have deposited funds in a SquaredFinancial segregated account would have this repaid by the policy to a maximum of US$1 million per client, subject to the claim being approved by the insurer and meeting the terms and conditions.

For more information about our Evidence of Cover, please view our Insurance Certificate.

Payment Methods

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CFDs and FX are leveraged products and carry a high degree of risk. Losses can exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand all the risks and seek independent advice if necessary.

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