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Access Free Trading Guides to properly educate yourself before you start any type of forex investment. We’ll be regularly releasing new trading guides to assist you in your trading activities, so stay tuned for more.

Financial Leverage

What is Leverage in Forex Trading? Leverage in Forex enables traders to control market positions that are much larger than their own initial investment.

Forex Trading Rules

Understand the markets & improve your trading skills. Start Slow. Have a Trading Plan. Set a Stop-Loss to minimize your losses. Keep your emotions in ckeck

Understanding Currency Pairs

FOREX (Short for Foreign Exchange) refers to the global activity where investors, institutions and banks exchange (buy and sell) currencies.

Identifying Chart Patterns in Forex Trading

Traders can identify various patterns that can help them figure out market momentum and market psychology for that specific currency pair.

Understanding Forex Charts

A forex chart is a graphical depiction of the exchange rate between currencies.There’s a number of types of charts to help depict trading data.

What are Commodities

Simply put, a commodity is any object that comes out of the Earth. Commodities are actively traded in a plethora of commodity exchanges all over the world.

Reading the Economic Calendar

HOW TO READ THE ECONOMIC CALENDAR. A short tutorial on how to read the Economic Calendar for learning the schedule of upcoming economic events.

Video Tutorials

Watch high quality video tutorials on online trading.

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Trading Guides

Trading Guides

Read reports and market research articles.

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Trading FAQs

Trading FAQs

Find answers to the most frequent trading questions.

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